About Us

Get to know Denise and Desert Oasis

Denise has over 20 years of accounting experience in multiple industries, retail, insurance, telecommunications, mining, asset management and financial services to name a few. She is dedicated to creating efficiencies and cost savings for all our clients. Assisting them to identify those Pain areas and developing with them the solutions to become more productive and ultimately more profitable. She will customize our role in your business, by delivering only those services deemed necessary. She will deliver those services to you in a professional, accurate, friendly and cost-effective manner. Small business is the heart and soul of America. Our company embraces those individuals who have ventured into the business world to develop their own personal wealth and sense of pride to be an Entrepreneur. Desert Oasis Bookkeeping has been developed to relieve those individuals from the confusion, frustration and forever time-consuming tasks of accounting for their business. Let us help you, so you can do what you do BEST..... grow your business!